This month, Viki Lander our Creative Director / Interior Designer was asked by Essence Magazine to write down her top 3 interior design trends for 2017. So here's the results which can be applied whatever size or shape your home.

1. Inject Personality

Whilst 50 shades of grey continues to dominate the interiors world, we are seeing more and more highly discerning clients looking to move away from this to create more interesting and more personal homes.

Smart use of colour, pattern and texture really brings a space to life. With some imagination, bravery and the right application, using paint colours, interesting wallpapers and wall coverings, textured or patterned rugs and carpets can transform a space from just another blank canvas into something really special.

Photo wallart

Layer with some beautiful furniture pieces; carefully curated accessories, photos and books on tables and any open shelving; buy some bold artwork that means something to you; and finish off with some interesting light fittings and lamps.


A lot of people come to us to push their boundaries with colour and to make it work for them.


2. Go Bespoke

The ability to design your home to your exact taste and more importantly functionality can be life changing. We frequently transform properties that often look fine but just don’t work very well. Refurbishments are not just about changing the way a home looks, but more fundamentally, reconfiguring the space to suit the exacting lifestyles of who lives there. Needs change between owner to owner and even over time for the same owner if they’ve lived in a property for a few years. A baby arrives and a nursery and nanny accommodation becomes necessary. Kids grow up and having a separate play/games room becomes highly beneficial. Job changes or increased home working drives up demand to carve out a beautiful home office rather than sitting at the kitchen table or a desk under the stairs. And therefore comes the need to reconfigure.

By Ensoul WC Built in office Built in desks sliding doors Bespoke cabinetry

In addition to creating bespoke spaces, there is an increasing trend for bespoke furniture which enables a sleeker look and the ability to use much more interesting materials. Wardrobes, walk in dressing rooms, fitted offices, libraries and TV units are very typical within our luxury client projects. But we are also seeing more and more special projects come into our studio such as a 3.5m long Calacatta marble dining table, an Onyx bar and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool which are all on our drawing board at the moment.


Ensoul means literally ‘to endow with a soul’.


3. Add Lifestyle

With work and life pulling us in so many directions and smart phones upping the ante, there’s a definite trend for putting in more enjoyable lifestyle elements to the home and garden to unwind and relax when we can.

Where space is not a restrictive issue, walk in dressing rooms, fully equipped gyms, swimming pools with spas, cinema rooms, bars and temperature controlled wine rooms have all become must haves at today’s luxury properties. And where space is an issue, extensions are being built to accommodate them.

Ensoul Wandsworth Common Gym Basement Cybex

Smart technology has really soared in the home. Enjoying music and digital content in every room of the house at the touch of a smart phone, has become much more affordable and doable thanks to technologies like Sonos. Automated systems like Lutron are still prevalent for electric blinds and lighting. But the smartest install we recommend is putting in a commercial grade IT network for super-fast broadband and IP telephony. This enables fantastic download speeds, seamless home working and much lower cost of phone calls.

No longer just a Californian or Australian phenomenon, the ‘Outdoor Kitchen’ has become a great attraction for those that want to enjoy BBQs and outdoor living 365 days of the year come rain or shine. What’s involved? Think fitted kitchen runs with lots of stainless steel in the form of grills, fridges and cocktail stations; infra red heaters for much needed heat in the colder months; sliding glass doors and louvred roofs to create both inside outside options. And fabulous furniture inside to lounge, dine and party with family and friends.


We hope this provides food for thought for your home plans in 2017.

About Ensoul

Ensoul Interior Architecture is an award winning firm that Viki co-founded with local resident Philip Rogerson and Mike Lander. We provide turnkey refurbishment and architectural services to clients across Surrey, Sussex and other select Home Counties. Who works with us? Those looking for a contemporary home with every detail thought through from the inside out. Some look to us to make them braver and utilise our flair for colour. And all our clients come to us for a home that’s truly individual and non formulaic.

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