As we spend more time with our kids at home, we are seeing an increasing trend towards the design of innovative, creative kids' rooms and kids' spaces. For example, from dedicated games rooms to mezzanine hide-outs, we are looking for clever and creative ways to co-exist with our children, whatever their age.

Quality time

For a number of us, the desire to spend quality time with our family at home has seen a trend towards creating amazing kids’ spaces. Therefore, no longer do we want to keep our kids out of sight playing in their bedrooms. Instead, families would rather create dedicated zones in their houses enabling co-existence without driving each other mad.

Fun kids spaces and kids bedrooms

Designing for different age groups

For younger children, playrooms are invaluable. This avoids Play-Doh underfoot or boxes of toys piled high in the middle of your living room.

For older children, a games’ room can be a life-saver. For example, it can provide much needed distance from unbearable gaming sounds or space for your kid’s band to practise. Additionally, there’s hours of post-dinner party fun for parents who sneak off for a few rounds of table tennis or snooker.

“It’s all about being creative, understanding materials and most importantly, taking the time to work out how you want to live as a family.”, Viki Lander, Creative Director, Ensoul

Some parents are investing in a separate annex or integrated flat for their teenage children. One benefit is giving them a taste of independence before heading off to university and also offers a great return on investment.

However, the challenge is how to ‘kidify’ our homes without compromising the design of our house. Ensoul have been featured in a Sunday Times Home supplement exploring this topic.

Amazing, dedicated kids space configured as a playroom for young and old alike

From mezzanine hang-outs with slides and ropes, to dedicated games rooms and indoor tree-houses. The scope for creativity is endless. And with a bit of know-how, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Download our new guide to Designing Great Kids Spaces which explores all these topics and more.