With Christmas fast approaching, why not get some Christmas inspiration to add a wow factor before they arrive?

Christmas inspiration ideas and planning for the New Year

With Christmas fast approaching, why not get some Christmas inspiration to add a wow factor before they arrive? Or maybe you’re having a quiet one this year and looking forward to some quality family time or chill-out time over the holiday season. Then, use these tips as ways to enjoy your home even more over the festive season and beyond.

Planning Applications

open plan basement

If you’re sitting tight in your current home and thinking about creating more space with an extension, why not start the process now. Get your planning application submitted before Christmas? Then you can start the new-year with an exciting new project to implement.

  • Basements: these can create the biggest space and return on investment opportunity for those in London and other major cities and towns.
  • Rear extensions, combined with side returns: where possible, these can transform your ground floor to become a large kitchen, dining, family space.
  • Loft spaces: these are a great opportunity to put in extra bedrooms and bathrooms for guests. Or with architectural glazing, why not create stunning master suites which provide a quieter space away from the hubbub of life downstairs.

Bespoke Bar

bespoke back-lit onyx bar
There is a resurgence of home bars that we’re seeing both inside and outside of London.

Where budget and services permit, we are seeing a trend for complete wet bars with sinks, temperature controlled fridges and rows of shelving to house a fully stocked bar. We are also seeing simpler designs with bespoke cabinetry to house some glassware, a few liquors and a small wine fridge. They’re a great way to bring interest, style and practicality to a sitting room, dining area, cinema room or even master bedroom. If you’ve got space for a couple of lounge chairs, enjoy a nightcap with your partner before bed.

New Kitchen or Updated Kitchen

Bespoke kitchen cabinetry that is made to measure and makes use of every centimetre of your space. And rather than ubiquitous sprayed or hand painted cabinetry, how about something a bit different? Concrete-effect doors, unusual metalwork, beautiful hand-picked slabs of wood and sliding glass panels are just some of the interesting materials we’ve seen worked into kitchen designs recently.

A new dressing room – what better Christmas present for him or her?

bespoke wardrobe

It’s very common for our clients to have invested a lot of money into their clothes, shoes and bags. Then, they put them in cramped cupboards spilling out of multiple drawers across different rooms in the house. Improve the situation dramatically with bespoke wardrobes or a dressing room to your exact needs and preferred finishes with integrated lighting so you can tell your blacks from navy and actually see what’s in there.

Top Tip: Make sure your designer measures and calculates the volume of all the pieces you want to house in your bespoke cabinetry. Every person is a different shape and size with unique pieces that need careful consideration. Calculate how many metres of hanging, shelving, shoe storage, bags and other elements that you need to house and then design the ultimate bespoke solution to meet that need.

Why not make the plans / drawings a Christmas present for someone you love?

Furniture – bespoke, made to order and high street

bespoke dining room

A great way to transform your rooms or indeed entire home is to buy in new furniture. Consider designing original bespoke pieces that give you full flexibility on the size and finishes as well as offering you a one-of-a-kind piece. Perfect if you’re looking for tailor made dining tables, sideboards, media units and/or built in storage cabinetry.

For high street furniture, consider whether you’re after iconic pieces from designer furniture stores, unusual pieces from independents and artisans or vintage pieces that have some history. But hurry – you will need to get items on order as we are fast approaching last order dates for Christmas (typically 6 week lead times).

Refurbishing: paint and soft furnishings

bespoke tree bookshelf

Get the house fully repainted, wallpapered and looking fresh. Work with a designer who has expertise in colour and texture to lure you out of your safe zone and create an amazing update to your home. Also, look at unusual fabrics to add colour and texture for new window treatments to finish the look. Made to measure solutions are typically on 6-8 weeks so you’d need to get started fast!

Plan your Christmas decorations – particularly outdoor.

If you fancy up-scaling your Christmas decoration effort this year, consider new lighting schemes, table decorations, trees and wreathes.


wall art

If your walls are looking bare but you don’t know where to start, look at our portfolio for inspiration https://ensoul.co.uk/portfolio/