Colour, pattern and texture is at the heart of what wallpaper is all about and the reason I absolutely love it! With some imagination, bravery and the right application, the results can be absolutely stunning and transform a room from just another blank canvas into something really special.

Wallpaper trends can be a tricky thing. For some, there might be a bad memory of someone using wallpaper all over the walls in a very bold and marmite way which left a bad association.

Or for others, it’s just easier to stay neutral and paint the walls cream and not risk putting something up that you or others might not like when its hung. Wallpaper also takes a bit more effort than paint as you’ve either got to figure out how to hang paper (and contend with not messing it up if it’s expensive!); or get a professional in to do it – which obviously costs money. But the results can be well worth it.

Colour, pattern and texture is at the heart of what wallpaper is all about and the reason I absolutely love it! With some imagination, bravery and the right application, the results can be absolutely stunning and transform a room from just another blank cream canvas into something really special.


Key wallpaper trends

1. Fine art

Ensoul Wandsworth Guest Bedroom Pink Green Wallpaper Impressionist Style Walnut bed

There is definitely a trend of more and more artists who are realising that they can take their talents with fine art on canvas and translate it into wallpaper to provide people with a large scale piece of fine art.

This guest bedroom features a wallpaper with an amazing impressionist painting that matches up all across the wall by a contemporary fine artist who exhibits regularly in the UK and worldwide.


2. Reflect your surroundings

Ensoul Wandsworth Guest Bedroom Wallpaper Mural Birds Upholstered bed Nature inspired

It’s really great to use wallpaper as a reflection of your location. So if you’re looking out of windows to nature, use a wallpaper that picks up the feeling of your garden, the sky or a park etc. There are some fantastic wallpapers featuring clouds, flowers, trees.

This guest room becomes an extension of the park outside with birds perched on trees behind the bed.


3. Bringing the kid out in you

Wallpaper childrens bedroom dinosaur

Wallpapers are fantastic for kids rooms and playrooms. What is brilliant is when you manage to find a paper that’s fun for everyone at any age like this one. It’s so detailed and sophisticated in colour palette that it really does appeal to us adults. But by featuring dinosaurs and helicopters it both takes us back to our childhood and also provides kids with the ability to make up endless stories about dinosaurs taking over the world!

What’s extra fun for children and adults is that we mounted this wallpaper on a layer of plain magnetic paper and bought dinosaur magnets which the whole family can move around and create different scenes.


4. Create a view

Wallpaper sticker cityscene

If you have a room without a view or any windows why not create the illusion of one with wallpaper whether it’s a cityscape or tropical beach scene, or an image of a window with a view within it.


5. Leather

Wallpaper leather

Whether it’s a photographic paper providing a leather look or the real thing, different shades and grains of leather and suede are becoming very popular for its opulent look and sensual feel. Especially luxurious when padded or overlaid onto tiles for feature walls which look particularly good in hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms and home offices.

Or how about this example of a bespoke leather wall which has been hand etched as a bespoke art installation for a home in Moscow at $23,675psm.


6. Texture

Wallpaper textured snakeskin

I personally like to use wallpaper to add a 3rd dimension to a room – texture. There are some fantastic papers featuring fake snakeskin and crocodile textures; various grasses; contemporary flock patterns and much more.

3d wallpaper

For the more adventurous and bigger budget, there are some really interesting 3D wall coverings made from various materials such as concrete and metals.


7. Geometric

Wallpaper geometric design

Great for repeat patterns and giving a clean, simple and ordered look. Try a monochrome pattern for an uber chic and sophisticated look in a bedroom or a bold colour to give high impact in a sitting room.


8. Faking natural materials

Scrapwood wallpaper

There is also a big trend for faking natural materials with wallpaper and tiling – e.g. fake wood, polished concrete, marble and brick patterns. A lot cheaper than the real thing! And there are varying qualities of wallpaper that mimic bookcases, wine cellars and windows for those that want to create a particular mood with a clever illusion and not invest in the real thing!


9. Floral

Wallpaper print petals

It’s easy to eliminate floral as an out of date style that conjurs up grandma’s house! But florals can be super modern with bold graphical patterns or loose conceptual prints. They don’t have to be too feminine if you choose leaf prints or patterns that are abstract or neutral in colour.


10. Interactive

Interactive wallpaper

This is where I see the future of wallpaper going – becoming interactive and customisable. More and more – designing spaces that involve people adding their touch and in some cases releasing their inner artist with products like blackboard wallpapers, magnetic papers and even ones you can colour in and draw on.

Whichever trend grabs your attention, hanging wallpaper in your home not only provides great visual interest but can also become a real talking point. And in a lot of cases they can really engage your friends and family to interact with them – whether it’s just to touch or in some cases, doodle or colour in!